Could we do this everywhere?  I would have loved this in high school.  I would love it even more as a teacher.

At our school some students leave at 12:00 to attend the Arts magnet, and there are other similar programs like that.  Its basically the same idea. 

I wonder if it would be better to:

1. Have it selective–you need to earn your way in.

2. Select a community project (senior housing, environment, AIDS, etc..) and have the group of 30 kids tackle it.


I have jumped in to Twitter lately and have been liking it better.  I really need to get a network that goes both ways, I seem to just post, and get little replies.  Kind of like this blog.  I keep pushing these networks as a way to learn the tools and reflect, but its kind of embaressing to feel like you are talking to an empty room.  

It kind of reminds me of my time in college radio.  Is anybody listening?

But, I love following Lance Arsmtrong who is a faithful twitterer.  Poor guy.

Google Voice

Will Google Voice work?  I would think just having the phone numbers link up into one voice box would have to be cool.  Free is always nice as well.

When I buy fuel I buy a certain number of gallons.  When I buy groceries I pay for what I gather.  But with telephone and cable I pay WAY MORE than what I use.  Perhaps this will be a big shift.


Worthwhile change.

Just read story in NY Times about a teacher who worked with a local company to design convertible desks.  The kid can sit if he/she wants or bump it up and stand to do work.  The teacher is allowing fidgeting and movement.  

I think this is a great leadership model.  I am sure her principal just said “Go for it”.  I would love to change my computer lab around.  It is 3 rows and everyone is locked to their spot.  I would love laptops and collaborative space.


I’m intrigued by the semantic web possibilites of loopt.  The application uses your GPS in the cellphone to track where you are—and your friends.

Now that could be cool.  You put in “pizza” and it tells you where a good pizza place is within your friend radius.  This could have really cool uses for student trips.

Obviously, this can be troubling as well (“why is my girlfriend at that restaurant with Bobby?”).


Apparently wordpress added a function that makes links out of keywords (like “Job” below).  I am not doing this.  An attempt to make money (which I applaud) but it certainly changes the function of a post.  Those are not MY links.

What to do?  It might be time to switch services.