Scott McLeod reposted the video about how the world is getting flat fast.  If you haven’t seen it I advise taking the time.  It took me awhile to remember the music.  Excellent pun.

 So are we part of a dying tribe?  Or are we at the cusp of a new civilization?  I watched two things recently that I think relate to this issue.  The first was Terminator 3 where in the near future machines become aware of themselves and begin to take over the world.  The video has interesting fact that soon a desktop computer will have more computing power than the entire human race.  That is both incredible, and a bit scary. 

The second thing I watched was the PBS show (I dont remember the title) on how close we are to making the brain our “phone”.  How we already have deaf people with implants in their brain that allow them to “hear”.  That we are working on “wiring” the spinal column (we just need smaller wires).  Anyone who watches the people in the mall talking to themselves (both for medical reasons and if they have that little phone thing in their ear) know that we are approaching true collective conscience.  Somewhere, right now, some graduate student is thinking about implanting a phone in his head.

And as we all know, this is coming fast. Cyborg alert.

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4 thoughts on “Future

  1. While Karl Fisch’s “Did You Know” presentation is brilliantly designed and visually arresting, the facts he uses are mostly incorrect. Using a list of sources found on his website, I found that one-third of the facts he uses are incorrect, about one-third cannot be verified, 1 is an oversimplification of a report’s conclusion that leads the reader to a conclusion not supported by the original report, and about one-third of the data used is correct.

    While the presentation is well-intentioned and marvelously designed, it tells us to prepare for the future by using incorrect information. Surely that doesn’t sound right, does it?

  2. I think this is old news. Karl was clear from the start about the facts in the movie. I don’t think it really changes the impact of the movie at all.

    And many of the inaccuracies are nitpicking. They dont change the message.

  3. Again, both Scott and Karl have been clear that they are preparing a new version and recognize some errors.

    I am sure the new version will have a similar impact and I am sure they would be happy to hear from you about all the errors.

  4. Well, certainly, an appeal to popularity is a common logical fallacy. They must be right because so many people agree with them. If the argument was not right then they wouldn’t have so many people applauding them.

    Many people prefer to operate on that level and so should you if you feel more comfortable there.

    If you root around on the web you can find Karl’s mea culpa regarding his unlisted errors and on Scott’s plan to distribute a revised version. But you won’t find that warning on the thousands of links to the current presentation and the movie. Those millions viewing the current version will take it all on face value as correct. And according to your comment, “the new version will have a similar impact”, this version will be legitimate because so many people like it.

    Sadly, that will be so.

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